Contact and Price

I am always available on Whatsapp and Viber to consult appointments. Please don’t ask for an appointment if you just want to play around, don’t take the opportunity and time from someone who is serious about getting a getting a gentle touch and a good company.

If for some reason you can’t come to our appointment, please honor me by canceling our meeting. 

If something comes up, and I need to cancel our appointment I will be correct and I notify you as soon as possible in the form of an sms. I will not call you, I will not cause any inconvenience, as one of the most important is discretion.

Only with pre-arranged appointments 

I only answer calls with a phone number!

If I am not available at the moment you call,  I will reply and write to you as soon as possible!

Please if you don’t ask for a call back just text me let me know and we will only communicate in that form. It is important to me that you not only feel comfortable with me, but also safe in all respects.

9h to 21h every day.

I am flexible. We can arrange meetings outside of my working hours but only if we agree in advance.

81829 Moosfeld-Riem, München

Martin-Kollar-Straße 3 I.Stock

bei Melodie klingeln

For prices please contact me via phone or Whatsapp/Viber

+49 (0) 1575 9597014